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7-11 & OK (HK)

Please notice :

This service is also provide by sf-express.

But there has size limitation for the parcel. The parcel can't exceed : Max volume is 30x25x20cm or weight 5kg.
(The winter coat or 2 pair of shoes are already exceeded the volume, please don't choose to pick up the parcel at 7-11 or OK shop if the volume or weight is exceeded the maximum limitation.) 
There is size limitation : max volume is 30x25x20cm,  and max weight is under 5kg
You should input the sf-express shop address in the shipping address at the checkout page: 
The following is correct address format for your reference.
香港上環荷李活道123號荷李活華庭地下3號鋪 7-Eleven (852M1007)  <--- 7-11 shop address plus the shop code, you can find the shop code at http://www.sf-express.com/hk/tc/deliver/delivery_tools/self_pickup_self_dropoff/
For detailed information, you can check the sf-express webstie :

Goods comment

  • AF... 2015-12-25 13:02:10


    Customer service reply:

    hi,台灣只能去銀行做電匯/海外匯款,但是你須要支付二邊銀行的手續費,而且手續費比較貴!所以你最好用信用卡付款,我們經paypal.com收信用卡的付款! 我們收港幣, 匯率大約1元港幣對4.2元新台幣左右!

  • wa... 2013-06-30 17:39:27


    Customer service reply:

    不可以, 要2星期後才能到香港!

  • So... 2013-04-21 06:48:57


    Customer service reply:

    不是, F是指free size, 但是每件衣服的實際尺寸是不一樣的, 你最後查看一下商品頁上寫的尺寸再跟自己穿的衣服比較下!

  • 99... 2013-02-27 01:55:32

    still didn't work for my zip code.So could I make a purchase through the phone?

    Customer service reply:

    don't input 123-123, - is not allowed.<br />
    Sorry! We don't accept the phone order. You can email the details to me. I can help you to create the order. Please provide your login name, and shipping address & contact phone no.
    Thank you!

  • 99... 2013-02-24 17:19:12

    why can't I submit my zip code in?My zip code is 94134 and it wouldn't let me in

    Customer service reply:

    You can only input digit inside the zip code, please don't input English letter (ie. CA94134 is not allowed). Please input all the details inside the address line field. Then input number in zip code and choose "all area" in province/City field.
    Thank you!

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