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Bank Transfer (HK,Macau,China)

Local bank transfer / deposit :

This payment method is suitable for customers who live in Hong Kong, Macau or China
Please deposit / transfer the money into our bank accounts within 3 days.

Hong Kong Bank account information

Bank Name : 中國銀行 ( Bank of China - Hong Kong )
AC Holder : Mr. Yiu M. S.
Account no. : 012-919-1-030845-4
Can do it at China bank ATM Machine or China bank counter or online bank.


Bank Name : 恒生銀行 (Hang Seng Bank)
AC Holder : Mr. Yiu M. S.
Account no. : 258-115252-882
Can do it at Hang Seng bank ATM Machine or Hang Seng bank counter or online bank.


Bank Name : 匯豐銀行 (HSBC)
AC Holder : Mr. Yiu M. S.
Account No. : 593-611346-833
Can do it at HSBC bank ATM Machine or HSBC bank counter or online bank.


Macau China Bank account :
AC Holder : Mr. Yiu M. S.

Macau China Bank (Hong Kong Dollar account)

Macau China Bank (Macau Dollar account)
(Notice : If you transfer the money by Macau Dollar, the exchange reate is HK$1 to Macau $1.04. For example: If the order amount is HK$300, then you should tranfer Macau $312 to the account.

After you have cleared the payment, please send an email to inform us. Our email is dadasing [at] hotmail.com (Please replace  [at] to @. Once we have received your payment, we will submit your order to Korea for processing immediately.

China ICBC (for China customers) :

Bank name : 中國工商銀行 (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China)
You can transfer the money at any ICBC branches in China
AC Name : 姚先生
Account No. : 3602058001031534056 (Book account, 活期一本通,廣州市景泰直街支行)
Account No.: 9558803602140106741 (Debit Card No. 牡丹靈通卡)
ICBC will charge 1% handling fee

We also accept Alipay. If you want to clear the payment by Alipay, you can contact us.
Thank you for your kind attention.

The exchange rate for HK$ to RMB is HK$100 to RMB84. For example, if your order amount is HK$1000, then you should pay RMB840.


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